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Jetting Cart

Jetting Cart for v3 fiber blowing machine and push rod

Besides fiber blowing and subducting, the V3 combined with the Jetting Cart will allow you to push or pull a duct rod through ducts. With Jetting Cart, the V3 can be easily fixed to the manhole, automating the manual pull and push process. 

Technical data

Jetting Cart

  • Foldable for easy transportation
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used instead of a workbench when blowing fiber or subducting
  • Very quick assembly between Jettingcart and V3
  • Automating the manual pull and push process using the V3
  • Easily secured in various types of manholes
  • No tools needed
Jetting Cart Anchoring Mechanism
  • 3.3 ft rod guide
  • 9.8 ft rod guide
  • 16.4 ft rod guide
  • Cable seals