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we are jetting.

Designed for the American Market. Engineered from Field Experience.



We Believe in Standing Out. Being Unique. With our experience as the foundation and innovation driving us, we design and make high-quality fiber blowers. Our products are made by professionals, for professionals. It’s not just about creating a product for us. We want to use our expert knowledge to make your workday with OUR fiber blowers easier and more efficient. We aim to make your experience in the cable trench not just different, but significantly better.

Cut Setup Time!

Blowing fiber cables is one of the final stages in fiber projects. It’s crucial to be efficient and stay on schedule. You want to minimize setup time and avoid any hassle. Jetting has created a series of fiber blowing machines where reliability, ease of use, and quick reconfiguration were key principles during development.

Service Center Concept

At Jetting, we understand the importance of providing convenient service access for both distributors and end customers using our equipment. With our Service Center concept, we help distributors handle local warranties and set the standard for Jetting’s technical services. This approach benefits our clients and ensures end customers receive efficient support for their Jetting equipment.

Professional fiber blowers

Triggair Fiber Blowing Machine for American market

Triggair Fiber Blowing Machine

A robust, handheld, battery-powered fiber blowing tool optimized for FTTX installation of blown fiber (EPFU) and micro/nano cables. Suitable for cables from 0.8 to 3 mm in diameter and duct sizes of 3, 5, 7, and 8 mm.

V2 Fiber Blowing Machine for American market

V2 Fiber Blowing Machine

A robust and compact pneumatic fiber blowing machine with a joystick controller. This machine can be configured for cables ranging from 2.4 to 16 mm and ducts from 7 to 50 mm.

Our Machines

Our fiber blowing machines are developed from a field perspective, they must work in reality, under the circumstances that apply right there.

Our Focus

We focus on usability. We know what it is like out there! 

Quality and efficiency

Our products are made for the American market and crafted to match American needs.